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About Me.
To the people who REALLY matter!!!

.... the people i can atleast stand.

If you're not in here... I prolly can't stand you...


Sarah::: so many memories.. many drunken times... parties at my house.. getting in fist fights... feelin it in the morning.. :P... late night girls on tv haha.. locker
pushing after guitar class.. the l'burg battle of the bands.. getting in free.. losing money.. 'one glove on drinkin hand' hahaha we are hardcore (LOL). The bathroom conversation with Tara .. 'wake ups' rooster pills... " Ow My Moose!" Many good mem's to come.  

Where to start? I'll start at The Start... Chicken fan? What the hell were we on that day.. I wish I could go back to grade seven.. great year. Ahhh Hum.:.n!! Summer was full of fun.. and you getting your 'dish washing' on just to see Human! :P ... You've been my friend through MANY messed up phases in my life from complete hippie to nazi.. Bah! Our phone convo's  *gurggle* * moan* *grumble* ......*sing ' i like to eat eat eat.. ' song* :P Haha you being able to read lips when I could only talk like Marge Simpsons mom hahaha. :P  FF

Lesbian lovers forever!! :P You being the perfect height when we hug lol. Haha... we turned from enemies that coudln't stand each other to friends... show's that you gotta actually know the person to know if you like them or not. LLF (Lesbian Lovers Forever)

Man.. you're weird when you drink :P  Do you like your horney toad? Damn we wanted to get you the blow up sheep *shucks*. "I would go to Erins and be like ' Erin, Get in my car' and then...." *Steph laughing for 5 mins* ... haha. walking down the mall holding hands... getting evil stares. Me trying to rip you pants... but cant... then ripping them... BY ACCIDENT.. us  falling on the floor laughing hahaha. GOOooooood Times!! FF
Tara::: My lesbian friend :) You bring out the bi-sexuality in me. The dance was fun... dont you think so? :P Sorry.. but i like guys more than girls... so recruiting me fully to your team prolly wont work anytime soon... i'll just stay in between teams for a while. SDLF (Sexy dancing lesbians forever)


Kyle::: Lot's of fun times in the past ( glowing rod :P ), and hopefully even more fun times in the future. I hope to one day see you in those tight Frenchy's pants again ;)!! They were sexy... Just like your little red hat was. We've been through a lot.. and hopefully we can stay friend's til the end. FF

Tito::: What can I say... we've had a lot of bum sex! The first time I met you... you wrote your name on my body... well.. my shirt.. You make great Kraft diner... and wouldnt have your pair of Chucks if it wasnt for me... You owe everything good in your life to me.. :P j/j  PS: your hair looks awesome short  FF

Jeremy::: Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy... you like girls AND boys... QAF *drools* You and me are SO going to club energy some day and youre wearing my mesh shirt! *high five* FF

Sean::: *snickers* you and me are having sex... wait... i mean.. yea.. thats what i mean :P We will live in a big house with 2.5 children and a dog named 'cat', and a cat named 'stop scratching me i hate you' and an alligator named 'limb bitey'. SBF (sex buddies forever)

Greg::: My indian friend... wait.. wait... 'Native American' friend.. Atleast I am politcally correct unlike someone else *points to the stranger and then 'quits' him worse than he has ever been 'quitted' before* :) Our coversations about... ex's.. racism.. jobs... and quitting people are great! PS: might see ya at the Human gig!  IFF ( Indian friend forever :P )

Jamie::: My scottish... Haggus loving.... kilt wearing.. accent bareing friend!! Hehe.. Nazi love :P lol... The jokes heh. Our 'sending each other voice clips of our accents'. You singing me songs when you are drunk off your ass :) You're weird dundee slang... hehe LDFF (long distance friends forever)

Jordan::: Stroking your balls in class with my feet... while you kick my chair:P Us going to the gym doing our 'activities'... but playing cards and playing with the Picket Fence.. Good times!!!! :)