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About Me.

Check out the awesome new pop rock band 'Cauterize'. You can listen to some of thier songs including my favorite, ' Something Beautiful' on thier player::: 
I recommend you check out the new band 'Funeral For A Friend'.. They are kind of like Alexisonfire but with a little more singing and a little less screamo. You can check them out on thier ecard here::

I just wanted to let you all know that Three Days Grace is starting a new tour with Nickelback and Trapt starting October 14th... AND they have a new video coming out very soon (dont know the exact date and time yet but i will tell you when i fing out) for the song "Just Like You"!! So if you picked up the cd you know its a great song and the video will most definitely be awesome too! You can check out some of thier stuff on thier player if you have only heard the one song " I hate everything about you" .. if you havent heard any of thier stuff.. or if you are just interested to hear thier other songs